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MDFlow Systems is a leading Healthcare Information Technology company. Information technology is significantly changing the dynamics of healthcare industry today. MDFlow has over a decade of proven track record of providing healthcare information software and services to improve and streamline the flow of information throughout the patient’s health care lifecycle. MDFlow systems empower healthcare providers, payers and care partners to work and communicate more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better healthcare services to their patients and members, at the same time create a winning combination of cost-effectiveness, increased efficiency, productivity and revenue improvement.

MDFlow Information technology solutions transform the healthcare organizations from "traditional" to "smart" organizations by leveraging a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. Our clients include physician practices, value-based care provider groups, and large healthcare organizations with five star CMS quality rating.

MDFlow Care Management System is a member-centric, integrated, easy-to-use and customizable cloud-based Population Health Managemenrt (PHM) and Case Management (CM) software. It has achieved NCQA Pre-validation for Population Health Management and Case Management.

MDFlow Care Management System streamlines and enhances the flow of information throughout the entire case and disease management process. MDFlow system does not only follows and meets the regulatory requirements and national clinical guidelines, but also provides our clients with the flexibility to customize the system to meet their specific needs and requirements.

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MDFlow Hospitalist Management Systems (HMS) is a hospitalist-centric and cloud-based hospitalist management system. Rather than trying to fit hospitalists into medical software built for non-hospitalist operations, MDFlow HMS is the software designed for the hospitalist groups to meet their daily operation needs and revenue cycle enhancements.

MDFlow HMS connects all the parties involving in the patient care in one platform to improve clinical outcomes for patients and streamlines the flow of information throughout the inpatient care and TOC.

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MDFlow EHR System is an innovative internet-based and ONC-ATCB Certificated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Patient Care Workflow Management System. It is designed with the patient’s care workflow in mind to help practices to streamline and enhance the flow of information throughout the patient's medical care lifecycle.

MDFlow system is an EHR system specifically designed for value-based care provider groups. It offers a list of unique features for the staff-model medical groups with capitation contracts and sharing the risk with the health plans.

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