MDFLOW Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Patient Care Workflow Management System

MDFlow EHR System is an innovative internet-based and ONC-ATCB Certificated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Patient Care Workflow Management System. It is designed with the patient's care workflow in mind to help practices streamline and enhance the flow of information throughout the patient's medical care lifecycle. As the centralized electronic repository of medical data, all the medical information of the patient is accurately recorded and electronically stored in MDFlow system. MDFlow EHR System addresses the needs of pre-visit functionality, visit functionality and post-visit functionality for the small practices to large physician groups with multiple locations. Healthcare providers could access patient’s medical information from office, home, hospital, or from multiple offices using any computer via secured internet connection at anytime.

MDFlow EHR System also offers a list of features specific designed for the staff-model medical groups who are under the capitation contracts and sharing the risk with the health plans.

MDFlow offers a winning combination of cost reduction, operational efficiency and revenue enhancement, as well as increase patient’s safety and satisfaction. Let us show you how we can transform your practices!


  • Capture detailed and legible patient demographics and medical records electronically
  • Appointment scheduler (including transportation)
  • Maintain up-to-date Problem List
  • Maintain active Medication and Allergy List
  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and clinical decision support
  • Medication electronic prescribing and medication reconciliation
  • PBM Hx(Pharmaceutical Benefits Management) history which allows to access patient’s previously filled medications from all prescribing physicians
  • Submission to immunization registries and health surveillance
  • Encounter data submission
  • Patient specific education resources
  • Automatically retrieve patient lab test results and incorporate test results to patient’s chart
  • Exchange electronic health information via secured messaging (HL7, CCD and CCR)
  • Document scanning and management
  • Manage HCC/MRA score, Star Ratings, clinical quality measurement (PQRS & MIPS) and other nationally recognized healthcare quality standards
  • Patient Portal
  • Referrals and utilization management
  • Telemedicine Consultations
  • Patient non-emergency transportation management
  • Electronic health information protection (privacy and Security) and HIPAA compliance
MDFlow EHR System is based on Microsoft technology. It provides high availability and scalability. MDFlow EHR System is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It enables rapid system deployment and features a tremendous degree of customizability. It makes on-going software maintenance, modifications and enhancements more efficient and cost effective, and it also eases the future implementations of new regulations, requirements and business initiatives. MDFlow EHR System is well-supported by our knowledgeable and friendly support team.
The MDFlow EHR and Patient Care Workflow Management System (version 5.0) has achieved ONC HIT 2014 Edition modular EHR certification. The certification designates that the software is capable of supporting eligible providers with meeting the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use measures required to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). MDFlow EHR and Patient Care Workflow Management System (version 5.0) was certified by ICSA Labs, an Office of the National Coordinator-Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB) and is compliant in accordance with applicable criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). For more detailed information, please click HERE.

Certification Criteria: 170.314(a)(1), 170.314(a)(3), 170.314(a)(4), 170.314(a)(5), 170.314(a)(8), 170.314(a)(9), 170.314(a)(11), 170.314(a)(12), 170.314(a)(13), 170.314(a)(14), 170.314(b)(1), 170.314(b)(2), 170.314(b)(4), 170.314(b)(5), 170.314(b)(7), 170.314(c)(1), 170.314(c)(2), 170.314(c)(3), 170.314(d)(1), 170.314(d)(2), 170.314(d)(3), 170.314(d)(4), 170.314(d)(5), 170.314(d)(6), 170.314(d)(7), 170.314(d)(8), 170.314(e)(1), 170.314(e)(2), 170.314(e)(3), 170.314(f)(1), 170.314(f)(2), 170.314(f)(3), 170.314(g)(2), 170.314(g)(3), 170.314(g)(4), CQMs: CMS#50v3, CMS#68v4, CMS#122v3, CMS#123v3, CMS#138v3, CMS#139v3, CMS#156v3,CMS#165v3, CMS#166v4.

CHPL Product Number: CHP-025228 | ONC-ACB Certification ID: 150015R00 | Certification Date: Feb 16, 2015