MDFlow Telehealth Platform

Telehealth is transforming the way that healthcare services are delivered. Our Platform connects patients, health care providers, case managers and health plans administrators from anywhere in real-time via PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones or Tablets. Our Platform works with several Telehealth home medical devices to remotely monitor patients' health conditions (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose , Blood Oxygen Level, Temperature, Weight, BMI and Weight Change).

With our HIPAA compliant Telehealth Platform, health care providers and case managers can perform consultations and evaluations, medications and lab results review , transition of care and case and disease management services from their offices, while the patient can be in the hospital, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, rehab center or at home. Our patient care conference feature can connect all the parties involved in the patient's care (PCPs, Specialists, Family Members, Caregivers, ...) together to better assess, engage and coordinate patient's care.

Our Telehealth feature is fully integrated into an interactive feature of MDFlow EHR and Care Management System. Within MDFlow Systems, you can directly launch the Telehealth and all the information flows back and forth during the telehealth session is recorded and stored in the patient's medical record and in the case management notes. We can also offer our Telehealth feature as a standalone module and it can be easily integrated with other healthcare information systems.

Our proven, user-friendly and cost effective Telehealth solution transitions health care from face-to-face encounters into an interactive online environment. It improves healthcare outcomes and patient engagement by making the health care services more accessible.

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