Client Testimonials

"We have been using MDFlow Systems in our company for several years with very positive results since its inception. MDFlow provides us with an integrated and comprehensive EHR system that can be customized to meet our specific needs, which is very important to us since the business we provide resides in an ever-changing environment where the flexibility to implement changes is vital. Their attentive, courteous, well-trained and experienced staff has made a great difference in the success of our recent rapid growth. With our 18 medical centers and over 70,000 patients, MDFlow information technology has helped us manage our centers’ operations and the healthcare services that we offer to our patients in a more productive and efficient manner. We are very satisfied with MDFlow services and look forward to continuing our business relationship in the years to come."

Rita M. Carralero, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Community Medical Group

"We are using MDFlow system to manage our case and disease management programs for our Medicare, Medicaid and SNPs members. From identification to assessments, care plan development, care coordination and TOC, MDFlow system provides our case managers with the case management tools and complete healthcare information to effectively and efficiently manage the comprehensive healthcare needs of our members and deliver better healthcare services to our membners. My staff and I really enjoy working with MDFlow team."

Elizabeth Ellsworth Director of Health Services, Simply Healthcare Plans

"We have been using MDFlow systems in our organization for the past several years. The systems are powerful, flexible, and reliable, and the company is committed to a high level of customer service. Recently, we worked with MDFlow to create a medical chart review tool for Medicare Risk Adjustment, which we call One Perfect Note. The OPN module helps our reviewers do a faster, more complete, more accurate job, with measurable results on the bottom line. In addition, it provides us with an important management and reporting tool. This custom module was designed and implemented in record time, at a very affordable cost. We are happy to have worked with such a capable and committed professional team on this project."

Keith Collins, MD CEO, Health Excel Inc.

"I have known the MDFlow team for the past 7 years. They are a group of professionals who not only knows technology, but also know how the healthcare delivery system works. MDFlow system helps us in the management of medical costs for our risk based contracts. With MDFlow’s data analytical tools, we turn data into decisions. Go MDFlow!"

Peter Garay Director of Finance of Plaza Medical Centers

"We worked with the MDFlow team on several projects. Beside their highly trained IT skills set, they also have extensive knowledge and experience in the managed care industry. We enjoyed working with them."

Tanya Nguyen VP of Operations, Community Health Choice, Inc., Houston Texas

"MDFlow is a user-friendly and easy-to-use system. The screens are intuitive and easy to customize. After using MDFlow, I am more productive and able to see more patients. My practice's overall workflow has dramatically improved, and patients are handled much more efficiently. My family cannot believe how early I come home."

Wilson Lopez, MD

"MDFlow is a great system and it is also very affordable. We get all of the advantages of a great EMR without extra IT headaches. MDFlow takes care of the technology. When we have questions, MDFlow supporting staff always goes the extra mile to help us. I really like that I can check my patient information in the hospital through MDFlow. On top of everything, I am paperless; I don't have paper charts anymore."

Rubén J Ayala, MD